Our vision is,

To create an aesthetic environment grounded in Bharatiyata where children and adults learn to live with ನಿರಾಳತೆ*.

*ನಿರಾಳತೆ(niraalate) – A Kannada non-translatable that stands for simplicity, being at peace, balanced and happy. 

Our Values are:

  • Sanathana Sathya (Eternal Truth) 

That is true at all times and for all people. This, in turn, upholds Dharma – that which sustains everything. 

  • Satyanishte (Integrity)

In our conscience, conduct and convictions

  • Sookshmathe (Sensitivity)

Self-awareness, Aware of the surrounding and empathetic

  • Karthavyanishte (Duty conscious)

Conscious of our duty towards self, family, society , nation world and nature. 

  • Sahajate (Simplcity)

Our inherently natural state of just being.