Udhbhavaha Logo

an intimate learning space, encouraging children to creatively and fearlessly express while celebrating our cultural roots..

At Udhbhavaha, we attempt to provide a holistic education that nourishes the head, heart and hands of the child, growing into balanced individuals capable of making a difference to society and sustaining oneself.

We are a community of teachers, children & parents who are seeking to lead a connected-purposeful life and want to create an environment grounded in our culture.

We are in this ongoing journey of understanding real education and its connectedness to life. In this journey, inspired by the thoughts of Shri K.S. Narayanacharya, Shri Ravindra Sharmaji, Shri Dharampalji, and Shri Pawan Guptaji, we became cognizant of the fact that the inquiry into education inevitably connects us to our Bharatiya culture, history, and social fabric. From this continuous pursuit, emerged the dream of Udhbhavaha

We provide a fertile soil for children where they:

Experience inner freedom.
Learn to live in harmony.
Develop deep observation skills & contemplation.
Think logically & reasonably.
Learn to be Sahaja.
Traverse the path of seeking, exploring & finding answers.
Live by the core values of Udbhbavaha.

Every child’s journey is also a teacher’s journey

Every teacher at Udhbhavaha is on his or her journey of realisation and aspiring to live by the values and principles of Udhbhavaha.

True knowledge and learning lie in understanding “what” of education. This true knowledge is beyond just “knowing”. It signifies having the wisdom of understanding things, people, nature and our own selves and putting it into practice.

A teacher in Udhbhavaha strives to create an environment where the child is ready to receive this knowledge. 

We follow a “daan–based” model, meaning, there are no prescribed fees.

We believe that Udhbhavaha should be accessible to all parents who want to be part of this journey. Their financial ability should never be a block for being part of the community.

You could be part of Udhbhavaha

– As Parents who are looking for holistic education for your children.
– You can become a Volunteer.
– If you have passion to be as Teachers.
– You can help us with research as Research Assistant.
– Support us as a Benevolent Donor.

How can you support us?

– We accept donations from donors within India and only in Indian Rupees.
– Our online payment process is setup accordingly to receive donations from within India and in Indian rupees only.