Pawan Guptaji – Our perspectives on education are deeply influenced by Pawan Guptaji’s thoughts. His views on modern society and the definition of development open up a new dimension of thinking about education. We have been fortunate to design the vision and principles of Udhbhavaha under his guidance.

Ravindra Sharmaji – The rich integrated social fabric that existed in India during the pre-colonial times, not only has become a matter of lost history but has also been manipulated and misrepresented to meet certain needs. Ravindra Sharmaji dedicated his life to studying the lifelines of our society and preserving them. The foundations of a strong society start with the right education and this brought us close to late Ravindra Sharmaji’s knowledge on the social fabric of India, sustainable life practices, a sense of aesthetics and the greatness of niraalate.  

K.S. Narayanacharya – An erudite scholar, his contribution to bringing the epics into life in the current context is of great value. Our curriculum of stories is mostly inspired by his works.

Waldorf – Age-appropriate curriculum and adopting the head, heart, and hand are inspired by the Waldorf Methodology.